Uniform Policy

Aims of the Policy

  • Set out the school’s vision for its school uniform
  • Set out the expectations of the use of the PCS uniform

Objectives of the Policy

  • Clarify for pupils and parents the expectations of dress and appearance
  • Establish the responsibilities of pupils and parents for having the correct uniform and equipment
  • Ensure that all students abide by the uniform policy


PCS operates a strict uniform policy. The school believes that its uniform is important in promoting and maintaining its identity as a successful, independent school, recognized and acknowledged by its stakeholders. As such, a smart, correctly worn uniform is essential. It sets the tone for everything else that we do. If pupils are well presented and tidy it is likely that their minds and work are the same. If they are messy and unkempt, the converse is true. The school uniform is a symbol that links the pupils to PCS and all that we stand for. Boys & Girls are always on show, whether outside school, in public domain, or in school itself, where visitors frequently tour.

PCS insists that all pupils have the full, school uniform, kept in good condition, at all times, and that it is worn correctly, whether in or outside the classroom, or on the Games field. Parents are expected to adhere to the prescribed uniform list, when purchasing, and to support the school in making sure their children dress appropriately. Students found to be wearing or using non‐regulation items of uniform will be asked to acquire the correct items. Failure to do so, within a reasonable time, will result in the school contacting parents, requiring immediate action to rectify identified uniform discrepancies, before further action is taken.

School Uniform (see Uniform List)

Uniform should be clean and labelled with the schools name. Polished, black, leather, lace-up shoes, or velcro fastening shoes are worn. Shirts are worn tucked in, ties done up correctly and top buttons fastened. Pupils arrive in uniform and return home in uniform on non-Games days, unless they have PE. Full school uniform is worn on Outings, unless the activities engaged in require sports or homes clothes.

All pupils are expected to have the correct uniform for PE and Games lessons.

Continued failure to have the correct school and PE/Games uniform will result in a Work Card.


All pupils should present themselves smartly, wearing the school uniform with pride. Clothing and shoes should be clean and in good condition. Hair should be clean, brushed and of appropriate length and style. Boys hair hanging over the collar or in the eyes is not appropriate. Dyed hair is not appropriate. Jewelry is not safe or acceptable in school except for discreet wrist bands worn for religious reasons. Watches may be worn from Year 3. Boys Piercings are unacceptable, girls earrings should be plain gold or silver studs only and need to be removed for PE. PCS will not take responsibility for any watches or earrings that children lose. Nail polish, make up or temporary tattoos are not acceptable.