We pride ourselves on our child-centered approach to teaching and learning, celebrating the individual talents and personalities of every child. We believe that school should be a fun, exciting place where children can learn in a secure environment and be willing to take risks when trying out new ways of learning. How children learn is as important to us as what they learn.

The development of character is an on-going process, which begins in Nursery, when the Pupils first learns the expectations and boundaries of school life, and continues throughout their time at PCS. Kindergarten staff are the first to help the kids understand about their behavior and its effects on others, about how to work and how to play. Kids are exposed to the different group relationships that they will continue to experience as they progress through the school: from Class, the Kindergarten Level, Primary Level and High Schools. It is through their relationship to these different groups that kids experience the Pastoral Care that helps them feel secure and promotes their well-being, whilst having contact with, and example from other students, across all sections of the school. Active participation in school life, the development of personal responsibility, selflessness, sportsmanship and compassion for others are infused through daily experience.

Kindergarten School Hours & Age Groups

School Drop Time Classes Time Pick-up Time (Half-day) Pick-up Time (Full-day Care)
7h30 till 8h30 8h30 till 12h30 12h30 till 13h30 15h30 till 16h

Kindergarten pupils are stricktly admitted based on their age groups (as of the School Year starting date).

Nursery: 1yr-1yr10m Playgroup: 1yr10m-2yrs10m Prep: 2yrs10m-3yrs10m
Kinder I: 3yrs10m-4yrs10m Kinder II: 4yrs10m-5yrs10m

Kinder I & II Pupils can undergo a placement/evaluation test.


The Academic Curriculum of Nursery, Playgroup, Preparatory, Kinder I and Kinder II pupils is based on English System with few integrations of the Montessori method of teaching, a variety of supplementary and reference books from England and Philippines in addition to our school books made proudly by our qualified Kindergarten teachers.

Subjects Offered



  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Speaking/Listening
  • Writing
  3. PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Swimming and Sports)
  4. CULINARY ACTIVITIES (Arts and simple food making)


  5. ARTS

EDUCATIONAL TRIPS – are scheduled in the second term. These activities bring stimulating experiences and perfect learning opportunities for children.

Grading System

Nursery Level are evaluated based on observation of the class teacher and the result will be presented by using Evaluation Codes.

Playgroup, Preparatory, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 are graded through:

  1. At the end of every week, the teacher will conduct a quiz to gauge the performance and progress of each student.
  1. The intellectual Development which includes the Writing Ability, Reading Readiness, Number Readiness and Science (0 – 100%). Passing grade is 75%. Failing grade 74% and below.
  2. The Social, Moral and Emotional Development, Physical and Health Development, Aesthetic and Work Ability are graded by the class teacher based on his/her performance. The result will be presented by letter as Evaluation Code.
Numerical Significance Symbol
90% - 100% Outstanding O
85% - 89% Very Satisfactory VS
80% - 84% Satisfactory S
75% - 79% Needs Improvement NI
0% - 74% Not yet taken N

Report Card

The Report Card is an official document of school which shows student’s performance per term. It is intended to give the pupils and their parents an idea how well or how poorly they performed in each term.

The school year is divided into three terms. Report Cards are issued by the teacher at the end of each term. Parents may confer with the teacher-in-charge with regards to the development and progress of their child. The report card must be signed by parents and not to be brought home for school reference until 2nd Term. However, report cards will be given to parents for their own purpose/referral during the last term.