High School Uniform

The school has a smart, practical and affordable dress code. We do ask parents to adhere to the dress code and to please help us avoid any designer label fads.
All children will need the official PCS full uniform.

Uniform Purchase

The school usually supplies uniform, parents can either purchase at the school office or can order their own from their tailor but are expected to have the right design and color with the school LOGO. 

During winter season, students are free to wear a black or navy coat of their own choice** (NO leather or motifs)

  • Scarf (Optional): Navy/black
  • Hat (Optional): Navy (fleece recommended)
  • Gloves (Optional): Navy (fleece recommended)

Parents may be asked to come and collect children if they are not wearing correct school uniform.

High School Uniform List

Gender Piece Detail Price(Mzn)
Boys Shirt 1,270
Shorts 1,310
Tie 250
Girls Shirt 1,270
Skirt 1,400
Neck Ribbon 250
Both Pants 1,480
Boys Sets Boys Set I (Shorts) Shirt, Shorts, Tie 2,830
Boys Set II (Pants) Shirt, Tie, Pants 3,000
Boys Set III (Shorts & Pants) - (5%) Shirt, Shorts, Tie, Pants 4,090
Girls Set Girls Set I (Skirt) Shirt, Skirt, Neck Ribbon 2,920
Girls Set II (Pants) Shirt, Neck Ribbon, Pants 3,000
Girls Set III (Skirt & Pants) - (5%) Shirt, Skirt, Neck Ribbon, Pants 4,180