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Founded in 1988, Princess Cinderella School has, from its earliest years, enjoyed a strong academic reputation and encouraged keen sporting and lively cultural interests, with the aim of providing a complete education for boys and girls from the age of 1 -18. PCS is based in Maputo, Mozambique and is the First Cambridge Accredited School in the country – centre number MZ005.

At Princess Cinderella School, we take pride in the true and visible diversity of our community, in which mutual respect and understanding, fairness and opportunities for all are promoted. We embrace pupils and staff from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Children’s education here is shaped by the development of their character through fulfilling their Dreams, their curiosity to learn and Explore, and expanding their capability to Think. These three concepts, DreamExplore and Think are the cornerstones of our success at PCS as well as the  determinants of children’s success in life.

This independent school offers a distinctive approach to education which provides for the intellectual and emotional development of every child; we aim to provide an environment in which all children can unveil their unique abilities and means to harness their vast potential.

We have a well-resourced environment with low pupil to teacher ratios, which means that we dedicate more time to tackle every child’s needs and progress and accordingly propose solutions to problems instead of the common practice of having a broader assumption on class level. The excellent ratio of staff to children ensures a high level of support so that children learn and flourish. Opportunities outside the classroom abound through sporting and extra-curricular activities, we encourage every child to find their own particular strength.

We are a friendly and family orientated school, where partnerships with parents are actively encouraged and fostered through our open door policy. The unequalled relationship which is based on respect among children, teachers and support staff is one of our key strengths and, as a result, children thrive and progress in our environment.

Innovative and enthusiastic teachers are pivotal to our success and lie at the heart of our learning community, providing the framework for your children’s educational, cultural and social development.

There is only so little that a website can portray, so we invite you to visit us and discover the unique and welcoming atmosphere that’s in Princess Cinderella School.


The Academic Curriculum at our Kindergarten is based on Cambridge System with few integrations of the Montessori method of teaching.



The PCS Primary Department follows the Checkpoint Cambridge University Curriculum.



The PCS High School Departmant follows the University of Cambridge Curriculum with IGCSE, AS & A Levels Examination.