PCS seeks committed families and pupils who can contribute to and benefit from its high standard of education and care. Siblings are given priority over new joiners.


The registration fee for old students covers reservation fee, enrollment fee, student accident insurance (ADD).

Application for new joiners will not be processed unless all requested documentation is received.

NOTE: The registration fee is non-refundable.


School fees can be paid in full or in installments.

There is a 7% discount for a full year advanced payment if the payment is made before the 31st of January.

For installments payment, the payments can be divided into the three terms as follows:

  1. First payment for the first term must be done before the 10th of Feb.
  2. Second payment for the second term must be done before the 10th of June.
  3. Third and final payment for the third term must be done before the 10th of Oct.

Monthly installments can be exceptionally arranged with the PCS accounting department, yet each payment must be done before the 3rd of each month.

School fees does not include Books, Cambridge exam fee, School Uniform, Meals, Transport or Extra-Curricular Activities.

Students will not be allowed to sit for term exams if school fees are not settled.


For a second child in the same family there is a reduction of 3% per term and for a third 5%.