Princess Cinderella Chool

PCS: Past and Present

Princess Cinderella Kindergarten, Primary and High School (PCKPHS) is a privately-owned institution which is open to boys and girls of all races, nationalities and faiths. Named Cinderella Kindergarten School , it was established in February 1988 as a private

non-sectarian school with English as medium of instruction. The school started with six toddlers with Mrs. Marciana Serno-Sablay, the founder and soon the directress, and Sister Corazon Andaya, a Filipina missionary, as first teacher.

Cinderella Kindergarten School was first housed at Rua Salaam No. 84, but as its population grew, the classes were transferred to Rua Adamastor No.78 in 1992 with Playgroup, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 level. The enrollment kept increasing dramatically and in 1993, the Grade 1 class was opened. In as much as the founder is a Filipina, she decided to employ teachers from her country, the Philippines . Ms. Wevelyn Somejo was the pioneer teacher.

Population continued to grow and in 1995, the Grade III class was opened. In 1996, the Ministry of Education of Mozambique officially recognized Princess Cinderella Kindergarten and Primary School.

There was a need for more spacious grounds and building, hence, in 1996, Grades 1- IV were transferred to Rua Pereira De Eca No. 797. The succeeding years saw the opening of Grades V, VI, and VII which consequenced to the hiring of more competent Filipino, Ghanaian, Indian, Zimbabwean, and Mozambican teachers. The school became popular due to its excellent standards. The Kindergarten I and II and Grades I, II, and III were then moved to Avenida Eduardo Mondlane No. 955.

In January 2004, the High School Department was completed from Grade VII to Grade XI. As more students joined the school, a need for a new site was inevitable. The High School Department was then transferred to Don Alfonso Henriquez St. No.92, then later to Rua Maguiguana no. 102.

In July 2005, unforeseen eventualities led to the change of administration. Mr. Ali Yahfoufi and his associates became the new orders of the school. With the new administration under the able and dynamic leadership of Mr. Yahfoufi, there was a strong desire for the overall improvement of the school. A big leap came when the Primary and High School Departments were transferred to the new site which was the former Clube Militar at Kwame Nkrumah No. 1250. Drastic improvements were seen as the Primary Building was completed and the renovation of the old Clube Militar was made into reality.

At present, the school boasts of its complete facilities to include comfortable classrooms, science and computer laboratories, and auditorium which are all fully air conditioned; sports facilities like football, basketball, tennis courts and swimming pools, not to mention a relaxing environment with beautiful and well-maintained gardens.

In terms of curriculum, the school is changing the American System of Calvert School which prevailed from its establishment up to 2004. The High School Department has adopted the Cambridge Curriculum of United Kingdom since January 2003. In August 2004, Princess Cinderella high School was certified by the University of Cambridge to have met all the standards required to be a Cambridge International Examination Center. Meantime, the Primary Department started to adopt the Cambridge Curriculum in 2005.

The Cambridge Curriculum aims to encourage the skills

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